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Pompano Beach City Locksmith Pompano Beach, FL 954-281-3389Have you ever wondered what happens when you press the button on your transponder key? We all know that our car keys allow us to unlock the vehicle and ignition system remotely, but most of us do not understand how the entire process works. Automobile key programming is a feature that was introduced by car manufacturers several years ago to prevent thieves from stealing cars. This anti-theft measure quickly gained mass popularity and every modern car comes equipped with this feature. But, there are many instances where a lost or damaged key takes away access to the vehicle, leaving owners stranded with an immobile car.

Automobile key programming is important to ensure that your car key communicates with the ECU. Due to glitches in programming or lost keys, owners are unable to send the unique code to the vehicle and have no option but to call a professional. Pompano Beach City Locksmith is a 24-hour professional locksmith firm that can reprogram new transponder keys or repair your existing keys at affordable prices

When the key fails:

A modern automobile key has an embedded microchip that emits a unique code to your vehicle. When your vehicle recognizes this code, the immobilizer allows access to the holder. In many cases, the unique code changes with each subsequent use making it impossible for thieves to duplicate these keys. Sometimes, the keys fail to emit any signal, get unprogrammed, or lost/misplaced, resulting in loss of access. During such a scenario, professional locksmiths can the repair the existing key or cut a new key and reprogram it to communicate with your car. We have a team of excellent auto locksmiths who offer quick automobile key programming services at economical prices.

Why choose us?

When your automobile key programming fails, you immediately lose access to the vehicle. Imagine if you have to be somewhere urgently and cannot operate your vehicle anymore. If you visit your dealership for a repair service, it will cost you a lot of money and time. In fact, many dealerships take several days to address such issues. We treat your urgent matters with utmost priority and offer quick resolutions at an attractive price. Our auto locksmiths can repair or duplicate keys of all make and model of cars and resolve countless such matters every day.

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